Grant Writing

Our Role

In working with non-profit organizations on a grant writing program, our goal is to facilitate a relationship between the organization and funders. In our role we will:

  • Research potential funders and follow up on leads provided by the organization.
  • Create a calendar of deadlines for potential funders.
  • Help staff clearly define and state program goals for the purpose of grant writing.
  • Do the actual writing of grant proposals (and reports after grants are won).
  • Help the organization develop and maintain strong relationships with funders.
  • Manage every aspect of the grant cycle.

Your Role

Organizations that participate in the grant seeking process are much more likely to receive grant monies. We recommend that organizations participate in the following ways:

  • Review potential funders for strength of match with the program.
  • Provide program information through past proposals, written materials about the program, and interviews with staff.
  • Provide documentation required by foundations such as IRS determination letters, financial statements, and donor lists.
  • Work with us on collecting program statistics, testimonials from clients, and other information that will be helpful to the grant writing and reporting process.
  • Review all proposals we have written to make sure they are accurate.
  • Communicate with foundation staff in order to develop personal relationships with them.

Santa Barbara Grant Center at nprn

The Santa Barbara Grant Center, hosted by the Nonprofit Resource Network, is a resource to help you effectively manage your grants program. We offer a centralized location that has most everything you need to know about the 34 most prominent funders in Santa Barbara. Our tracking tool, database, and online community help novice and experienced grant writers alike save time and increase your capacity to raise foundation funding with a streamlined deadline and information tracking system. Click the NPRN logo to visit the Grant Center, where you will find:

  • Grant Tracker:  Our downloadable grant tracking tool has information for 34 local funders. The completely customizable tracker includes deadlines, contact information, website links, and more.
  • Funder Database: Our database includes funder guidelines, application deadlines, Word templates for online/PDF applications, up-to-date funder news, and examples of organizations supported by each funder.

  • Grant Blog: This monthly blog delivers ideas and perspectives from expert grant writers that are relevant to your work as a grant seeker.

  • Grant Center Updates: Grant Center updates provide timely information about funder deadlines, guideline changes, and other news of interest to grant seekers.