Want to optimize your team’s performance in fundraising, storytelling, and grant writing?  The Write Team offers small and large group workshops:

“I highly recommend the Craft of Asking workshop. It provides a current, informative, and relevant discussion for any non-profit seeking to raise funding for their program. I particularly appreciated the focus on the role playing exercises that the participants were engaged in.
Most people are uncomfortable asking for money, but this workshop takes the sting out of it by focusing participants on the benefit to the donor of giving. Practice does make perfect and after attending the workshop, our staff was much more effective in asking.”
—Trish Stone-Damen, Let’s Grow Program Manager at SBCC’s Center for Sustainability

The Craft of Asking: We believe that good fundraising teams are made, not born. The craft of asking will help your team overcome the barriers and fears that prevent us from asking for support for our groups.

Finding Your Place in the Fundraising Cycle:  Asking is just one (small) part of the fundraising cycle. This workshop prepares your team to find their place in the (bigger) recruitment and recognition phases of relationship-based fundraising.

Storytelling for Non-profits:  Storytelling is integral to a nonprofit’s ability to advance its mission. Everyone on your board and staff needs to be able to tell a personal version of your organization’s story, and this workshop will give them the skills to do just that.  Stories can shape people; they can inspire them to think and act differently. Stories are what can connect your nonprofit’s community, funders, beneficiaries, and employees with your cause and vision.

The Anatomy of an LOI:  With just two pages to make a strong case, you need to know how to distinguish yourself from the crowd.  In this workshop, you will learn... how to make your case for the importance of your program; weave personal stories into the narrative; describe your program in a concise yet compelling way; and organize your message logically.

Contact us to discuss offering any of these trainings for your group.